CEE Social Forum

Globalization, racism, economic crisis, workers’ rights, imperialism – these are just some of the topics of the discussions during the 2nd CEE Social Forum held in Wroclaw, Poland, between 11 and 13 March. transform! Hungary participated in the forum which was attended by left-wing activists from around the world.

The 2016 Forum in Woclaw was a continuation of the 1st CEE Social and Environmental Forum that was held in Vienna in May 2013 under the title of “Revolt in the periphery?”
One of the main goals of the Forum was to create strong solidarity among the peripherysed societies of East and South. The participants have analysed the political and economical situation in the CEE and the Mediterranian regions and found many similarities. The so-called “state socialism” period of the CEE region has been deeply analysed and great emphasis was put on a more organised cooperation and common actions right now and in the future. Two common experiences not mentioned in the new analyses on the Eastern European transition so far has been reported to the participants, namely 1.) The system change in CEEC has taken place clearly with strong foreign – US and EU – intervention. The vast majority of the population wanted reforms, but wanted by no means the restoration of capitalism, especially not in its semi-colonial form. The capitalist intervention was realised in a pre-planned way and effected all areas of the society, namely the productive capacities, the institutions, the social organisations, the local authorities, etc. 2.) The brutal dismantling of the industrial and production capacities in general in the form of privatisation and factory closures, the foundations of CEEC’s independence have ceased. Due to the defenslessness, the low wage as the only „competitive” factor, so the emigration and the productive assembly activity become dominant.
Participants of the Social Forum decided to build up powerful links among left-wing organisations and activists in the CEE region and the Mediterranean area as well, in order to continue the anti-systemic struggle together.
Matyas Benyik (transform! Hungary)
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