Bridging agreement at the Eurogroup: a first step to put an end to austerity

The list of reforms of the SYRIZA government has been accepted on 24 February by the Eurogroup. The fight for democracy and against austerity in Europe is far from being finished, but this bridging agreement is a very important first step.

The Greek government has won time in order to implement its programme, most notably its humanitarian aspect, the fight against corruption and fiscal fraud. Nothing is unchangeable, neither the market domination – or that by the German government – nor austerity.
The whole Party of the European Left is solidary with the Greek people and its government, which enjoys a massive support of over 80%. We are supporting the progressive reforms of the Tsipras government in Greece as well as its struggle for a solidary and democratic Europe. We are continuing to follow our work of rallying together, with our friends, all over Europe against austerity and for the refoundation of Europe, organizing notably the first European Forum of Alternatives which will take place in Paris on 30 and 31 May.
Party of the European Left, 25.02.2015