Basic Income Research Project: Call for Contributors

Project supported by the Left Forum (Finland) and transform! europe

After a successful workshop on basic income organised by the Left Forum of Finland and academic researchers at the University of Tampere in spring 2011, we have been drafting plan for a joint research project. The aim of this research project is to invite researchers from European countries and beyond representing various socio-economic systems and disciplines to cooperation. The project focuses on the feasibility of basic income as a social policy reform and an alternative to the failure of prevailing social security systems to prevent working age population from poverty and safeguard the basic social rights for all citizens.
When reading the research plan you will soon find out that it is still a draft and in stage of further development. However, we wish that it may be clear enough in order to alert your interest in basic income and motivate you to contribute the project with your skills and knowhow. Please, feel free to read it carefully through and express your remarks and criticism on it.
We would also like to find volunteers who will join the research project’s working teams or the social dialogue. After your feedback we will develop the paper onwards, finalize the concept, organize the research teams and steering committee of the project and after all start applying resources for the project from national and international funds. If you have any ideas how to apply and from which fund, please let us know.

In short:

  • Let us know how do you find this plan and how to develop it
  • What are your interests and opportunities to contribute the project
  • Do you have any ideas from where we could apply resources and money for the project

All the comments, questions and remarks are requested to be send not later than by the mid of December 2011 to the prevailing organizing team of the research project Pertti Koistinen (pertti.koistinen [a] and Johanna Perkiö (Johanna.perkio [a] If you have any questions on this project, please don’t hesitate to write us.

Pertti Koistinen
Professor of Work and Labour Market Policies
School of Social Sciences and Humanities
33014 University of Tampere