Appeal for Unity of Democratic Forces in Brazil

On the outcome of the presidential election in Brazil, the President of the European Left Gregor Gysi declares:

With the election of ultra-right-wing Jair Bolsonaro as the new president in Brazil, nothing less than the country’s future is at stake. Following on Trump’s reactionary political style, he offered his election campaign combined with the words "Brazil first" and simple, incorrect answers to complex correlations. This is a significant shift to the right of the fifth largest democracy, combined with policies against women, the opposition, the poor, the indigenous and homosexuals and many others, not least against democracy in the country. The rapid growth of social injustice between rich and poor, unfair free trade agreements, the ongoing destruction of the environment, the gender equality that still exists, and the global policies that cause migration through war and economic policies are a common task of all left-wing forces. We stand in solidarity with the Workers’ Party (PT) and call on all democratic forces in Brazil to join in the fight to save democracy in the country.