Anti-fascist Arrested in Hungary

Attila Vajnai, Chairman of the Hungarian Workers’ Party 2006/ Munkáspárt 2006, has been brutally tackled by the Hungarian police. There was a man in Budapest selling Hitler souvenirs and Attila called the police to prosecute the seller. Instead of acting against the seller, they tackled Attila: torn his clothes, broke his glasses and injured him.

The police after handcuffing him, had to call an ambulance.

Media Statement by Munkáspárt 2006 (10 September 2017):

“Today at 11 o’clock Vajnai Attila, President of the European Left Labor Party 2006 and his partner Krisztina Noé were surprised to see that in Budapest in the middle of the Ghetto on Klauzál Square a man sells pictures of Hitler. Vajnai called on the person to stop it, but he refused to do so. Vajnai called the police to come and intervene, but the Police refused it, because they thought it was not a crime, and the person can continue his activity. Vajnai told the Police on the phone that he was going to write on the sidewalk “Stop Nazism!”. Having heard that the Police came out immediately, and Vajnai was hit down to the ground, his clothes torn, his glasses broken and he was handcuffed. Now he is sitting between 4 policemen, waiting for the ambulance car.

We are protesting against the Police atrocity! It is outrageous that in Hungary Hitler`s pictures can freely sold, while those who are against it are treated as criminals, hit to the ground, handcuffed. This is another proof of the relationship of today’s power to Fascism.”

Video material of the arrest under this link.