Annual Red Books Day

The International Peoples’ Assembly proposes the organization of an international annual Red Books Day on February 21st, the day of the original publishing of the Communist Manifesto.

The proposal is an initiative of LeftWord Books (Delhi) and the Indian Union of Left Publishers to improve our resistance against the increasing neo-fascist menace around the world.
This menace has turned its attention to left books – with attacks on left bookshops and with murders of and threats to left writers and publishers. There has been an upsurge of support for these bookshops as well as for the writers and publishers. A sense of outrage has built up that shows confidence amongst our readers and comrades to confront the neo-fascists and stand up in defense of left books.
It is in this context, of the return of left book publishing as well as in defense of left writers and publishers, that we propose the establishment of Red Books Day.


The first initiative proposed in the construction of an annual Red Books Day is the reading of the Communist Manifesto around the world, in each language of the peoples of the world. With this activity we can start this process, identifying the bookshops, organizations and institutions that are committed to the defense of left books and left publishers. Please see bellow guidelines for how to participate: PROPOSAL: On 21 February 2020, join us by reading the Communist Manifesto in your language. Livestream it on social media, tape it, play it on YouTube.

1. Please, register your event’s proposal here to coordinate your initiative with the Red Books Day organizer;

2. If you have any challenges of queries re the registration form, please contact the Red Books Day organizer, at redbooksday [a], the Red Books Day organizer will sign you up.