Altersummit: Another Europe Now!

Dozens of European social movements from East, West, North and South have recognised this silent, on-going coup d’état; they have rejected it and protested…  but so far, they have mostly done so in their own national contexts.

We cannot win a European battle in a purely national frame­work. To stop and reverse the elitist takeover, social movements must join hands across European borders, denounce their common adversaries and organise joint action based on their own proposals.

Now, trade unions and confederations, social and ecolo­gical movements, NGOs and research groups have come together in the Alter Summit (the alternative summit) to make their wish for a democratic, social and ecological Europe a reality.

The Alter Summit is led by the social movements, but we also accept the political forces which support our demands. Personalities who support our appeal are welcome.

We are asking all organisations and politicians to fight with us if they share the spirit and the fundamental analysis summarised in our “Call”.

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Please refer to "media files" on the right for the documentation of the first big preparation meeting of the Altersummit in March 2012.