Alexis Tsipras on the negotiations

Main points made by Greek Prime Minister at the Cabinet meeting held on 12 May 2015:

– Yesterday’s Eurogroup meeting [i.e. 11 May 2015] resulted in significant progress in the negotiations.
– The Greek side has so far abided in full by all the provisions of Eurogroup’s agreement of 20 February. The Greek side has taken as many steps as possible to come closer to the European partners’ side, proving actively its respect for the procedures, the laws and the Eurozone framework. Now it is the European partners’ turn to take the necessary steps to show their respect for the popular democratic mandate, within the common European framework.

– The Prime Minister has reiterated the government’s red lines, highlighting the need to protect employees and pensioners, the need to protect the ordinary families that have been beaten for five years now, by the ineffective austerity of the loan agreements.

– Finally, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stressed that "we are negotiating hard, safeguarding at the same time the smooth functioning of the country".