Akademia Network

The trans-European platform AKADEMIA with its several thematic working groups is a network of left-wing academics contributing to counter hegemonic thinking.

At the present time, several working groups tackling issues as diverse as economy, history or sciences and democracy are active in the Akademia network. The flexible structure of the network allows for creating new working groups, depending on critical research’s needs.
Since 2013, a significant number of activities has been undertaken – from the organization of workshops to the publication of Discussion Papers –, always with European added value.

Working Groups

– transform! economists (TEWG)
– Europe in the world
– Energy Transition
– European History
– Precariousness
– University and Research
– Trade Unions


For further information or any request, contact the AKADEMIA team:
Elisabeth Gauthier
Member of transform! Managing Board
Director of Espaces Marxelgauthi@internatif.org Elena Papadopoulou
Economist, Member of the TEWG
Scientific Advisor to the SYRIZA Group in Parliamentelena.papadopoulou@gmail.com Sigfrido Ramirez
Facilitator of the Akademia network
Researcher at the University of Copenhagenacademia@transform-network.net Maxime Benatouil
Project Assistant at transform!
In charge of the Akademia networkbenatouil@transform-network.net