Against the Censure!

The unprecedented authoritarian decision by the Greek government coalition to shut down the Hellenic Public Radiotelevision ERT, its three TV channels (ET1, NET and ET3) and tens of national and regional state radio stations, resembles situations only seen in the darkest periods of dictatorial regimes.

After the announcement of this decision, the government immediately blocked both digital and analog transmission of ERT and disconnected all telephone lines and internet connections of ERT headquarters in Athens. The government ordered the Police to evacuate two buildings of ERT in the centre of Athens and threatens to evacuate the occupied headquarters within the next hours.

With the decision for the closure of ERT, all its 2656 employees all over the country are immediately fired. This brutal destruction of 2656 households is in full accordance with the expectations of the troika, which has demanded 2000 immediate lay-offs in the public sector.

Thousands of citizens, members of left parties, trade-unionists and activists already gathered yesterday evening outside the headquarters of ERT in Athens, to join forces with the employees who have taken over the building. Similar occupations and solidarity gatherings are taking place all over Greece, in all regional ERT offices. Journalists remain in the studios and continuously broadcast all the latest information through web tv and radio. Demonstrations of solidarity are also organized since yesterday outside the Greek Embassies and Consulates in Europe and all over the world.

The Party of the European Left denounces the unprecedented authoritarianism of the Greek government and its attempt to censor freedom of speech and information. This government has lost any kind of legitimacy and must leave.

What is happening since yesterday in Greece, reaffirms the analysis of the European Left that the imposition of the Memoranda and the austerity programs goes hand in hand with the escalation of authoritarianism and the suppression of fundamental social and political rights.  

The Party of the European Left supports the immediate and massive mobilization of the Greek people, Left parties, trade unions and social movements. The EL demands from all European governments to denounce the actions of the Greek government and it will undertake activist and institutional initiatives on European scale, in order not to allow the censorship of Greek public media.

Brussels, 12 June 2013