Action Days for a European Spring

Campaign video for the days of action 13-14 March out now. The video provides a very telling compilation of original quotes of European leaders.

On 14-15 March, the European Council will have its Spring Summit in Brussels.
Find the mobilising video on the right – "Media"
Social movements across Europe have picked this occasion to denounce the neoliberal crisis policies of the European Union and the systematic attacks on welfare and democracy that are taking place.
The initiative – called "For a European Spring"- has two proposals for action:
1. Actions at the local level on Wednesday, 13 March – and at the moment it seems there will be actions in Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Ireland and possibly in other places we haven’t heard of.
2. And on 14 March there will be a European demonstration in Brussels at noon. The march will end close to the place where the ETUC will have a rally.
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