18th Annual Conference of the EuroMemo Group

From 28 to 30 September 2012 the EuroMemo Group for an Alternative Economic Policy in Europe realized its 18th annual conference at the University of Poznan in Poland.

Like every year, the conference gave the opportunity to approximately 60 participants from various European countries to analyse the current economic situation and to discuss alternatives vis-à-vis the economic policy of the EU. It is worth mentioning that this year and in view of the mobilisations in Greece, Spain and Portugal, the conference produced a declaration of solidarity, which can be found on its website.

A central issue assessed in the conference was the deepening of the crisis in the EU and the need for radical changes on all levels: politics, values and institutions. The discussions took place in five different working groups (financial and fiscal policy, new forms of governance at the European and global level, the need for a radical reform of the social agenda and the development policy for the countries of the European periphery). The general conclusion was that the EU can only survive if it radically and immediately refounds itself on a progressive basis.

This year’s EuroMemo is already under production, due to be completed by November. It should be noted that the Greek translation of the EuroMemo is carried out every year by a special working group within the Nicos Poulantzas Institute.

Finally, this year’s participation of representatives of social movements was also notable. Specifically, the president of Attac France, Aurelie Trouve, the secretary of the Belgian TU confederation ACVCSC and the AlterSummit initiative, Felipe Van Keirsbilck, as well as a committee representing the European Anti Poverty Network had an active involvement in the workings of the conference.